Hitech Online Yarn Tension Monitoring System

Hitech Online Yarn Tension Monitoring System

  • Hitech YTMS (HiTech Online Yarn Tension Monitoring system) Commonly known as OLT System in India is a single point solution for Online yarn quality monitoring and gradation.
  • The system continuously Monitors T2 Tension Variations of DTY (Draw Textured Yarn) and many other textile processes online.
  • The YTMS system uses a Yarn Tension Sensor installed on each spindle along with hardware and software to provide a complete solution for Online quality analysis.
  • Doff Timer system is a part of Hitech YTMS to assist equal Length package doffing.
  • The YTMS system has many tools to improve plant efficiency and machine utilisation.

Tension Sensors

  • Hitech Tension Sensors (HTS) provides a reliable solution for Accurate Online Yarn Tension measurement for DTY and other textile applications.
  • The Tension sensors features a robust construction which can perform in harsh industrial environments and provide good long term stability and consistent performance.
  • The Tension sensors are available in various tension ranges from 10 to 240 CN.

Retro Fit Tension Sensors kits.

  • Hitech HTS series Yarn Tension sensors provides a solution to Retro fit/replace obsolete hard to find Tension Sensors from European. Japanse and other manufacturers without losing functionality or accuracy.
  • The retro fit tension Sensor kit has similar connectors, mounting holes and yarn path for easy replacement.

Retro Fit System kits.

  • Hitech YTMS Retro fit systems kits features an open platform which can work with legacy sensors from various manufacturers.
  • Customer gets the latest windows based software along with reliable hardware which is very easy and cost effective to use and maintain.